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Now announcing service to small business and
home office customers in Boston, New York City, and New England

We promise:

Technical Competence: We have extensive experience with creating secure, up-to-date computer systems, and safe, reliable Internet access in corporate, non-profit and academic environments. .

Personalized Service: Our professionals are accustomed to working with CEOs, academics, engineers, and even administrative staffers who are new to computers. We’ll work with your requirements, your equipment, and your budget to best tailor hardware and software solutions to your specific needs. Since we avoid ties to any other vendors, our advice solely depends upon your stated requirements – not on a need to sell or install specific lines of product.

You can call us with issues as complicated as designing, implementing and maintaining a computer and network infrastructure for a new division or start-up company, or as simple as a malfunctioning desktop, printer or network connection.

We guarantee complete satisfaction. If you’re not happy with some aspect of our performance, we’ll do our best to make it right, or you won’t pay.


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