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A HIPPA compatible, paperless dental office, utilizing Dentrix software running in a client / server configuration.

  • Gigabit Ethernet networking for fast access to records
  • Automated data backups to protect irreplaceable patient records
  • VPN technology to securely access practice records from a home office
  • Sonicwall Firewall technology to filter out viruses, spyware and unauthorized users. 
  • Automated scanning and OCR translation to convert paper forms into online documents.

A computer / server / network solution for the staff and the clients of a new, non-profit, residential, drug rehab program. 

  • Configured a Windows Domain / Active Directory substructure running under Windows 2003 Server to manage twelve workstations, two servers, three network printers and a varying collection of laptops. 
  • Locked down "client" computers using technologies like "Group Polices" and "Mandatory User Profiles" to prevent workstation tampering, and to deter unauthorized resource use.
  • Successfully mined non-profit programs to reduce the costs associated with the project.


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