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(Sample Projects, continued)

A Windows 2003 Server / IIS 6 web server. 

  • Enabled a department in a major university to display public and private web pages, host an online discussion forum, and test new web design ideas. 
  • Set up a protected, private area to allow conference attendees to review and share scientific papers  
  • Configured a comprehensive data analysis package to track and analyze web traffic and web page access.

A Home Office with laptops, Blackberries, and secure Internet Access,

  • Installed centralized printing accessible via network to allow all users to share a single print / scan and fax station
  • Configured wireless networking in two locations.  Included hardware firewalls to provide secure, high speed access to Internet resources while blocking viruses and spyware.
  • Added an encrypted VPN link for consulting access, to allow remote troubleshooting and maintenance without the need to travel to the customer site.
  • Set up multiple Blackberry accounts in each of the two home office sites to allow each user to sync and back up Blackberry resources without getting in the way of one another's work.
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