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  • Read email or surf the web from your balcony, deck, or poolside.  Wireless networking will allow laptop computers to safely browse the Internet from anywhere on your property.
  • Keep your business data and personal files safe.  Easy-to-use backups and archiving will protect you.  If you've already lost the only copy of some treasured photographs, we may be able to recover the files.

  • Stay in touch while on the go. The SystemWorks can help you select, configure, and maintain Treo, Palm Pilot, and Blackberry handheld devices.
  • Get everyone printing. Access a single printer from multiple computers.
  • Repair unexpected problems. If your Internet connection goes down, or your computer refuses to cooperate, we are on-call for troubleshooting, usually within twenty-four hours.  We'll get you back on the air in a prompt, courteous, convenient fashion.
  • Selecting and configuring new or upgraded systems.  When purchasing new hardware, talking to a knowledgeable person beforehand can help you to maximize performance, capability and value.

Call us with your wish list.  We can make things happen.

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